FIRST Regional Symposium Asia-Pacific

        The FIRST Regional Symposium Asia-Pacific 2018 co-hosed by CNCERT was successfully held on 25-26 October 2018, with 70 representatives and experts from government, industry, businesses, research institutes and academia attending.

        The event was consisted of both plenary and training, with the former having 9 presentations ranging from routing security, BEC, analysis tools, IoT, threat hunting, APT and FIRST membership information and update, and the latter touching upon both IPv6 security and malware analysis.

        As the first of its kind held in China, this Symposium did give the audience a comprehensive view of what the latest trends are and what the FIRST community looks like. Since its foundation in 1989, FIRST has enabled incident responders to engage with their peers and have a shared understanding of security problems by developing technologies and standards and by educating stakeholders, such as policymakers, on what our community of incident responders does.

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