Monitoring ----Monitor and detect cyber attacks on the basis network, the mobile internet, IDC, value-added business and some vital information systems, such as the online finance and securities, via the 863-917 Public Network Security Monitoring Platform. Currently, CNCERT is capable of detecting vulnerabilities, computer virus, such as Trojans and Botnets, defaced web-pages, malware-injected websites, DoS attacks, DNS hijacking, router hijacking, phishing and so on.

Warning and Notification----Analyze and warn the cyber security threats, notify the incidents and analyze the macro-cyber-security trends based on the rich data sources and information acquired through multiple channels. And CNCERT also shoulders the responsibility of notifying the telecom industry of the cyber security according to the Notification Implementation Measures for Network Security Information which was promulgated in 2009 by the Ministry of Information Industry of China.

Incidents Handling ---- Handle the cyber-security incidents promptly depending on the efficient working mechanism with the carriers, domain registrars and security vendors as well as on the close cooperation mechanism with vital information departments and enforcements. As a significant member of FIRST and APCERT, two well-known cyber security cooperative organizations, CNCERT has also established cooperative mechanism on incident handling with several renowned cyber security organizations and the national CERTs across the globe. It receives cyber security reports form users home and abroad and handles the major emergencies in time.

Testing and Evaluation----As a professional organization in network and information security testing and evaluation, CNCERT delivers standard and fair relevant services with scientific methods and independent judgments, so as to support government administration and to serve the operational businesses. Being a vital member of China Communications Standards Association, CNCERT also engages in drawing up standards for communications network security and those for security protection of the telecom network and the internet.


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