IoT Security Workshop hosted by CNCERT in APECTEL 57

        CNCERT has hosted the IoT Security Workshop in APECTEL 57 on June 6th 2018. There are nearly 50 participants from 11 economies and 3 invited guests (APNIC, ISOC, APCERT)joined. The workshop provided an opportunity to share and learn in the field of IoT security for APECTEL delegates, enterprises and NGOs. The topics cover varies aspects of IoT security, including the status of IoT devices, governmental guidelines, Technical solutions, Industry Countermeasures and so on.

        The workshop was hosted by the Deputy Convenor of APECTEL SPSG, Ms. XU Yuan from CNCERT. The workshop consists of 10 presentations. The speakers came from different economies and different working areas, including government agencies, NGOs and enterprises. Mr. LI Jia from CNCERT presented an overview on the security of IoT devices in China. Mr. Tom Pan from Antiy gave an introduction to the duet from fragmented devices and large-scale threat. Mr. Denis Legezo from Kaspersky Lab presented IoT security from government perspective. Mr. HE Wenjie from EverSec introduced IoT security defence based on “Cloud-Channel-Device” solution. Mr. Adli Wahid from APNIC gave a presentation on understanding the IoT security issue with honeynet data. Mr. Naoto KANATSU  from METI of Japan introduced the outline of a drafting cyber/physical security framework. Mr. ZHANG Ruigang from Huawei presented the IoT security challenges and industry countermeasures. Ms. Noelle de Guzman from ISOC introduced the guidelines for policymakers about IoT security. Mr. Liu Siyu from TopSec presented IoT security challenges and ways forward. Mr. Abel Torres from UL gave an introduction to IoT and consumer product hazards.

        The aim of the workshop is to share, to discuss and to learn from each other. At the IoT security workshop, many experts have inspired the participants with their perspectives and experiences which could be well adapted and incorporated into others’ own conditions to seek common progress and ensure a secure environment. It is an effective and successful workshop in APECTEL 57, which has yielded fruitful outcomes.

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