CNCERT participated in the ASEAN CERT Incident Drill

        On September 11, 2017, as one of ASEAN’s dialogue partners, CNCERT participated in ASEAN CERT Incident Drill (ACID) 2017, which is the eleventh consecutive time to participate in this annual drill.

        The theme of this ACID was " The Dangers of Insufficient Authentication and Poor Access Control." The drill used a latest and prevalent cyber treat Ransomware happened in a business company as the case background. In accordance with their respective incident handling process, the participating CERTs conducted an investigation and analysis to the reports received from the company, coordinated with other CERTs for emergency response and made a warning notice to the public. Throughout the exercise, the participating teams strengthened the preparation in terms of incident handling, tested their incident response handling arrangements, and enhanced cooperation between ASEAN and the dialogue partners in assuring Internet security and safety.

        17 CERT teams from 15 countries(including the ASEAN countries and five dialogue partners: Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea)participated in the drill.


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